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KIZITO SAMUEL SAVIOUR at your service!

A few years ago, that’s 2014 I suppose Cineplex Cinema was closed over rent, and recently the Hub Cinema which is reportedly under the same management was closed over the same issue, this happened a few weeks ago after the official premiere of formerly Martial Lee now Sir Tayebwa’s Home Sweet Home Movie that happened on Tuesday 5th July 2016, despite the fact that the “Home Sweet Home” was premiered as a movie, I got to figure out that its actually a TV Series in making which will be out to public soon on a Television channel that’s not communicated yet, anyway back to business, I guess Tayebwa eh sorry Sir Tayebwa had God alongside him because its just a few days after his movie premiere that the Hub Cinema got closed but besides the closure drama, news via our Cinebuzz Uganda news anchors and reporters, this movie premiere had a full house of mostly VIP tickets save for the technical issues that happened amidst the screening but then again fans were promised another better screening of the same movie pretty soon, unfortunately I couldn’t attend the premiere, so literally we have no critic review for that one today, but before getting any further, you may have a look at the movie poster below, and maybe get some in-depth understanding of the film


About “ HOME SWEET HOME” Film as from Sir Tayebwa

“This Film has been conceived to highlight the urgent need to guide the transformation process of Uganda from the backward status to developed status in terms of agriculture modernization and transformation of settlements into organized patterns where everybody enjoys equal access to opportunities including decent affordable homes. The film therefore presents a story where we are coming from, where we are, and where we want to be. It has been crafted around a young man named “Light” who graduates, goes on a hunt for a job in the city, and returns to his home village in Fort Portal after failing to secure a job. Though his family welcomes him, after realizing that he has no intention of going back to the City, they regard him as a disgrace to the family as well as a failure. The pressure from his parents forcing him to go back to the city, and the mocking words from the people around the village traumatize Light and he resorts to alcoholism. At a time when Light is on the verge of losing his life to alcohol, he is saved by “Maria” an old friend who believes that Light’s return to the village is the beginning of the lands development. After a short but wisdom packed lecture, Light rediscovers himself and regenerates determination to impart the knowledge he acquired from school to the willing community members and use their God given inheritance “Land” to generate wealth and be self-sustaining. After a long struggle, Light together with Maria and a few community members start on a mission of fostering progress, breakthrough and prosperity in their motherland. Although they are destined for a bright future, massive are the challenges they meet but victorious they are called because they fight and win. Background Many youths are selling land to buy motorcycles and become Boda Boda Cyclists, start up retail shops, or do hawking business in the urban centers. Yes, a few have succeeded but majority are frustrated yet they no longer have land from which they can base, plan and work towards a better tomorrow. The elders/parents also sell land for purposes of educating their children, however; after graduation, just a few of the grandaunts get jobs. The thought of going back home and starting up a self help project dies prematurely since most of the youths call to memory the fact that land was sold for them to get education. They end up staying in the city living a life of gambling for their means of survival are quite uncertain. This is one of the reasons as to why the youths are the biggest percentage in Ugandan prisons. It is true that Europeans, Americans and Asians are very willing to buy any land at their disposal in Africa and Uganda in particular but selling of land is not the solution to unemployment; it is rather the channel through which we will become slaves in our own country. The idea of our children becoming tenants in the houses of foreigners and laborers in their plantations and farms moreover in our own country is unacceptable. However, it will come to pass if we do not do something about it” as from Sir Tayebwa

Well back to business, so after communication running out that the Hub Cinema is closed, more movies that were meant to premiere at the venue including ;

Dream America scheduled 29th July,

Trailer link:


K3nt and Kat3 scheduled

Trailer Link:


Rain scheduled 20th August

Trailer link:


All these movies had to reschedule their dates and news are reaching us that Dream America was rescheduled to Premiere at National Theatre on 9th August 2016, entrance fees stayed the same; 20,000ugx and 50,000ugx. Rumors are having it that Rain might premiere at Theatre La’bonita but yet fully approved, same applies to K3nt and Kat3 which may have its premiere at Acacia Mall’s Century Cinema, dates and entry fees not yet announced.

Don’t forget, The Only Son Movie will be having its Red Carpet Premiere on Friday 22nd July 2016 at Kampala Serena Hotel, Victorial Hall, event starts at 5:00 PM, entrance fees are 20,000ugx and 50,000ugx for ordinary and VIP respectively, I got to hear that its a cocktail affair as well, don’t miss to be part of another awesome experience of Ugandan Cinema.

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