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Ugandan based Indian Filmmaker “Paresh Gondaliya” on the Premiere day of his first Ugandan film “The Superstition” on 1st July 2014 said, “I will be coming back next year with another blockbuster movie…” and indeed he seemed to have meant it by then, unfortunately he failed to keep his word when he failed to produce any movie in the year 2015 where his writer and co-director of “The Superstition” spread wings and did his own solo movie as writer and director of a 2015 blockbuster action film “WAKO”which made it big in the Ugandan Filmmaking realm, whilst the year 2015,


Paresh Gondaliya at the Dream America Premiere with Family

Paresh Gondaliya teamed up with another filmmaker Hussein Omar AKA Moses Ray of “The Counsellor” Movie, they both started scripting a film titled “Dream America” which they casted and started the preproduction process that has alot of ups and downs throughout late 2015 until early 2016 when they began its Production/Shooting phase, during the post production phase the project got a setback when the first hired editor confiscated the footage which put the team on pressure but luckily enough they were able to find an editor who carried on with the project, that comprised partnering with Urban Aksent Music who worked on this movie’s sound. Just as they say, bad luck can at times get stuck on some people, when this movie had announced its first Premiere to happen at The Hub Cinema in the month of July, the cinema was closed which led them to relocate to National Theatre for the date 9th August.


Moses Ray being interviewed

This Film’s promotional material was honestly decampaigning it right from the poorly executed posters to a fully boring pointlessly edited trailer, many took this movie as a joke including me basing on how its poster and trailer looked, and from the look of things I always wondered whether it was the team’s trick to make such an unexpected kind of poster in these days of better branding and promotional material.


Shock came to many when the Uganda Film Festival released its 2016 Nominations List with “Dream America” Movie given around four Category Nominations; Best Cinematography, Best Editing/ Post Production, Best Costuming/ Production Design and Best Actor in Film (Robert Ernest Bbuma) and basing on the Promotional Material they had, I myself was like “Really, with such a boring trailer?” but then again the Premire date of this movie was getting closer.

The Team of Dream America Movie did a fairly good job in promoting the event with endless TV Interviews, Social Media and more that kept the seemingly boring “Dream America” Movie Promotions run all around us by the cast, and guess what, the day came, Tuesday 9th August 2016.

The day started like one of those that end up as flops but by late afternoon, the event organisers had stormed the National Theatre and started putting up the decorations as they know them best, by the time I saw the Sodas, Crisps, and Wine eh God Forbid, and water I mean, Me and my Cinebuzz Uganda team were already present to cover this fairly well organized Red Carpet experience where the MC of the day Jayant Maru interviewed a number of people who were at the spot and needed the spotlight.



Jayant Maru and Actor Mutebi Farooq

Ohh yeah getting to the fun moment, not really, but yeah the good part, they call it the cocktail part, this is when I got to taste on these sodas, I took several, like two bottles (haha) and yes these chilli coated crisps that were awesomely good enough to keep me calm before the screening began, and as usual, the control room is my VIP Seat, so yeah the movie began… oh no wait, I don’t know how this came about, but as we got inside, Jayant Maru had this Co-Mc who she asked what Dream America is about but then again she simply stammered like she was expecting to be at an introduction ceremony or something, anyway after all some cool movie trailers played, including our Cinebuzz Uganda ones ofcourse, oh I get, we have to do something about this movie, so yeah maybe lets review this!


Actor Robert Ernest Bbumba playing the lead role of “Johnny” in Dream America

As they clicked play, I mean when I clicked play, its like one of this movie’s promotional material “Dream America Song” started playing, and I was like “what the heck, did I just play the wrong clip” but I just kept going on thinking maybe the song plays first then the movie comes next, so yeah we went on with song but then I kept on seeing the movie’s intro credits running on screen as the song played, and suddenly the actor “Robert Ernest Bbumba” who plays the lead role of “Johnny” woke up, so eh wait a moment, so these guys started the intro sequence with a song then woke this guy like he was dreaming the song? ah thats pretty strange and outside the box, I think I kinda liked that, weird things are at times awesome, well yeah this guy has a good room, looks like he aint a ghetto dude, so he gets up, rushes out, passed his father “Edison Abitegeka” and the sister, then out of the gate, so he seemingly calls for a Boda Boda ” Motor-bike” but then again I see this newly looking bike with this well organized cyclicst, normally Boda Boda guys have that something identical to them, not always so clean, and the kind of the bike was slightly different, he didnt even bother to negotiate the fees, maybe this Boda Boda always takes him to wherever he goes, anyway, afterall he made it to his workplace, a workshop, cements visible all around and other seems, seems to be some kind of a builder, and oh yeah we surely didnt miss noticing actor Ahimbisibwe Solomon aka Himbi King the KigaFlow Artist playing the Boss Role, so this movie follows a story of three (Johnny “Robert Ernest Bbumba”, Dan “Kulumba David Finale” and Brunno “Kaye Rajji”), should I call them stubborn? Funny? youths who get obsessed with the idea of going to America after their buddy Johnny brings idea to the table giving them a vision of the kind of heaven they’ll experience upon reaching America, so this becomes their major goal as they pass through endless funny challenges in the quest of achieving this dream, despite the ups and downs they face, Johnny never ceases to bring up ideas for them to keep on trying, but eventually they get a chance where only one has to make it there, Johnny does, unfortunately returns with bad news as he encourages his two friends to be contented with staying in Uganda and working for development despite the fact that the movie ends with them picking another task of dreaming to go to Austria…


This movie runs on an endless comedy road which got the audience laugh every after five to ten minutes of the film, from the look of things, I say this is a film with a great screenplay, good cinematography that was given justice by the editor who also did a great job, Urban Aksent Music team worked on the sound of this movie and I should say, the sound of this film was amazing and really good, the costuming and production deisgn pretty well so I should say they used the Munyonyo Speke Resort premises good enough to communicate the story and give us another side of Uganda where we got exposed to these three youths who are living a good life but think its better for them to head to America for a far better life, not forgetting the funny moments that kept on running from the actions to the dialogue, one can’t leave this movie without mentioning the Gaffer, Byaruhanga Francis who also acted as a confused policeman in this film plus the weird style Brunno was using to vibe girls in his own way. This movie was shot by Mugarura Abraham alongside Mugabirwe Rogers Matelja as the editor.


Some of the Cast

What I didn’t seem to enjoy pretty much was the very substandard acting portrayed by a lady who acted as a mother to the Dan character, she was reading her dialogue very rightly but acting it very terribly but anyway we could hear the words and try to pick sense from them, further more I didn’t understand the sudden fighting sequence that was implemented in the story, like why the heck was Johnny wearing back-cloth fighting with another guy in same outfit, then Dan and Brunno fighting other guys, then later we see them wounded, what led them to fight? we clearly couldnt see that from this film, like what the hell? Then also the first transition of Dan, when he quits his job, we didnt see him looking pissed or making up his mind to do anything but just out of the blue his boss tells him to fix the machine then he just drops stuff and leaves his job, why? how did he make it up, okay we understand he is having the American dream but his quiting the job wasn’t communicated right for us to feel with him, and also the transition of these guys, after being beaten up from the other unexplainable sudden fighting sequence, we don’t see them make up any mind to give up on the dream but all of the sudden we just get to see them telling their parents how they are giving up on the dream of going to America, anyway I don’t why but I didn’t feel that quite right.

But all the same, its among these movies that you’d watch and say, yeah good work despite the errors, by the way this movie carries a number of elements but what I picked best was the fact of Friendship, the way these characters were build up could show how much these three valued their friendship that despite everything, birds of the same feathers flock together, they kept along together throughout the whole hustle, I truly loved their friendship, they kept on supporting and defending one another throughout the movie, the other fact is contentment, having a an attitude of gratitude, being contented with what I currently posses, my country, my identity and so much more, its a feel good comedy movie that will keep you laugh from start to end, I surely recommend it to more youths to watch, if there could be any general way I’d summarise this film, I can say, if you watched the “3 Idiots” indian movie, Dream America is a better Ugandan Version of it in a different angle, so thumbs up to the movie, I should honestly say I was impressed by what I saw. It surely deserved more nominations.

I’ve heard that this movie is to get another time to screen during the Uganda Film Festival screenings this month, and more so its to be screened at the Uganda Cinema Night in the month of October, then followed by regional screeenings, so yeah watch out for it.

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So you think ‘The Only Son’ Movie premiere at Kampala Serena hotel was massive? The film’s Masaka screening will make you think otherwise. Hundreds of Masaka film lovers turned up to support a film by one of their own Bobby Tamale  at Club Ambiance in Masaka an event filled with glitter and glamour graced by locals, actors and musicians.


By 10:00pm, the queue had already started growing at the entrance of Club Ambiance with many enjoying the red carpet moment and taking pictures, the film was then unveiled to a full house at exactly 1:15 pm and screened for about 30 minutes leaving many excited and wanting more of the film with some wondering and asking where to find DVDs of the film on the market.


The Ghetto president H.E Bobi Wine then opened the dance floor with Nubian lee doing performances of some of their latest musical hits. The cast and crew later had a mix and mingle on the dance floor with their fans and well-wishers.


The only son movie tells a story of a rich son who goes from riches to dust only to face the wrath of the streets and back to riches again. Its world premiere was at The Kampala Serena hotel’s Victoria Hall, it’s to continue its country tour in various districts around the country… watch out for this movies next screening around you and enjoy The Only Son Movie Experience

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A few years ago, that’s 2014 I suppose Cineplex Cinema was closed over rent, and recently the Hub Cinema which is reportedly under the same management was closed over the same issue, this happened a few weeks ago after the official premiere of formerly Martial Lee now Sir Tayebwa’s Home Sweet Home Movie that happened on Tuesday 5th July 2016, despite the fact that the “Home Sweet Home” was premiered as a movie, I got to figure out that its actually a TV Series in making which will be out to public soon on a Television channel that’s not communicated yet, anyway back to business, I guess Tayebwa eh sorry Sir Tayebwa had God alongside him because its just a few days after his movie premiere that the Hub Cinema got closed but besides the closure drama, news via our Cinebuzz Uganda news anchors and reporters, this movie premiere had a full house of mostly VIP tickets save for the technical issues that happened amidst the screening but then again fans were promised another better screening of the same movie pretty soon, unfortunately I couldn’t attend the premiere, so literally we have no critic review for that one today, but before getting any further, you may have a look at the movie poster below, and maybe get some in-depth understanding of the film


About “ HOME SWEET HOME” Film as from Sir Tayebwa

“This Film has been conceived to highlight the urgent need to guide the transformation process of Uganda from the backward status to developed status in terms of agriculture modernization and transformation of settlements into organized patterns where everybody enjoys equal access to opportunities including decent affordable homes. The film therefore presents a story where we are coming from, where we are, and where we want to be. It has been crafted around a young man named “Light” who graduates, goes on a hunt for a job in the city, and returns to his home village in Fort Portal after failing to secure a job. Though his family welcomes him, after realizing that he has no intention of going back to the City, they regard him as a disgrace to the family as well as a failure. The pressure from his parents forcing him to go back to the city, and the mocking words from the people around the village traumatize Light and he resorts to alcoholism. At a time when Light is on the verge of losing his life to alcohol, he is saved by “Maria” an old friend who believes that Light’s return to the village is the beginning of the lands development. After a short but wisdom packed lecture, Light rediscovers himself and regenerates determination to impart the knowledge he acquired from school to the willing community members and use their God given inheritance “Land” to generate wealth and be self-sustaining. After a long struggle, Light together with Maria and a few community members start on a mission of fostering progress, breakthrough and prosperity in their motherland. Although they are destined for a bright future, massive are the challenges they meet but victorious they are called because they fight and win. Background Many youths are selling land to buy motorcycles and become Boda Boda Cyclists, start up retail shops, or do hawking business in the urban centers. Yes, a few have succeeded but majority are frustrated yet they no longer have land from which they can base, plan and work towards a better tomorrow. The elders/parents also sell land for purposes of educating their children, however; after graduation, just a few of the grandaunts get jobs. The thought of going back home and starting up a self help project dies prematurely since most of the youths call to memory the fact that land was sold for them to get education. They end up staying in the city living a life of gambling for their means of survival are quite uncertain. This is one of the reasons as to why the youths are the biggest percentage in Ugandan prisons. It is true that Europeans, Americans and Asians are very willing to buy any land at their disposal in Africa and Uganda in particular but selling of land is not the solution to unemployment; it is rather the channel through which we will become slaves in our own country. The idea of our children becoming tenants in the houses of foreigners and laborers in their plantations and farms moreover in our own country is unacceptable. However, it will come to pass if we do not do something about it” as from Sir Tayebwa

Well back to business, so after communication running out that the Hub Cinema is closed, more movies that were meant to premiere at the venue including ;

Dream America scheduled 29th July,

Trailer link:


K3nt and Kat3 scheduled

Trailer Link:


Rain scheduled 20th August

Trailer link:


All these movies had to reschedule their dates and news are reaching us that Dream America was rescheduled to Premiere at National Theatre on 9th August 2016, entrance fees stayed the same; 20,000ugx and 50,000ugx. Rumors are having it that Rain might premiere at Theatre La’bonita but yet fully approved, same applies to K3nt and Kat3 which may have its premiere at Acacia Mall’s Century Cinema, dates and entry fees not yet announced.

Don’t forget, The Only Son Movie will be having its Red Carpet Premiere on Friday 22nd July 2016 at Kampala Serena Hotel, Victorial Hall, event starts at 5:00 PM, entrance fees are 20,000ugx and 50,000ugx for ordinary and VIP respectively, I got to hear that its a cocktail affair as well, don’t miss to be part of another awesome experience of Ugandan Cinema.

Trailer Link:


Don’t miss watching our Film Show; CineBuzz Uganda, your one stop center for all Uganda film news, gossip and updates. Video Link and our YouTube channel link subscribe to us and follow us on twitter @cinebuzzuganda

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In other news, basing on my December 2015 calendar,

1. Tuesday 15th December 2015 is scheduled for the Wristhouse Kibanda plot where the Wristhouse Production Company will be showcasing all it’s audiovisual works ever since it started, this will include Music Videos, Short films, Documentaries and alot more, all this package like never before at just a 5000/= UGX, it’s meant to happen at National Theatre inside the Big Hut starting from 6:00 PM til fade! For more information contact Kasule Douglas Benda and Senkumba Adnan 


“This event has happened today and it kickstarted with screening documentaries, then music videos including short films, there were behind the scenes of various projects, all the screened content has comprised of all the works of Wrsithouse Productions only, you may say its been their first launch, talking to an official of this Production House, I quoted him stating that, they are to organize yet a bigger and better Wristhouse Kibanda event that’s scheduled to happen on 5th December 2016, so yeah, now you know, wait for it. In My comments, I should say am impressed with what I saw, this production house knows what producing quality pictures really means, if this was all experienced in their first launch of products, I wonder what kind of quality they will portray in the next year’s event, anyway, we are watching…”

2. Saturday 19th December 2015 is the long waited Red Carpet Premiere of the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) 2015 edition multi-award winning movie “House Arrest ” by Joseph S Ken of Zenken Films, the film scooped awards including; Best Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Feature Film, Best Actress (Farshee Ali K) , and Best Director, it’s Premiere is scheduled this Saturday from 6:00 PM at National Theatre, entrance: 20,000/= & 50,000/= UGX.



3. For many months, rumor has been going around the Uganda Filmmaking Fraternity about the new TV Series thats said to take over the space of the former highly anticipated but later disappeared “Beneath The Lies” TV Series on Urban TV, and right about now, News is already out and currently thousands and thousands of Ugandans are excitedly watching  “The Coffee Shop” TV Series which is premiering this Sunday 20th December 2015 on Urban TV, this series is Directed by Mukeera Denis Josiah and Farooq Mutebi… the teaser has been released lately and has been moving all over social media on facebook, whatsapp and more… as for me, I am waiting for it so I could make honest reviews from each of the episodes I get my eyes on… lets watch the space…


4. On Wednesday 23rd December 2015 is to be yet another Red Carpet Movie Premiere experience in Fort Portal at the Mountains of the Moon hotel where “The Protector ” Movie from Fortlight, a production company based in Fort Portal , Entrance: 20,000/= , 50,000/= , 100,000/= , 200,000/= , 250,000/= , 500,000/= and 750,000/= UGX, yes am told each entrance package has got something worthy within, in terms of welfare ( for more information contact AndySwagg Fortlight Akiiki, Nelon Gerrard Amooti andSandrah Fortlight Marimar)


4. Currently the “Dream America ” movie project by Paresh Gondaliya andHussein Omar(Moses Ray) has started it’s Production / Filming Phase
5. A Ugandan Horror Movie “Bunjako ” by Teezstudios UG written and Directed by Kizito Samuel Saviour that’s recently been in Production is yet to go into post Production phase.

6. The Ugandan Movie titled “Abagoba Ebirooto – The Dream Chasers ” that’s being produced by Kizito Samuel Saviour, written and Directed bySsekandi Jimmy Jaban is currently in it’s last month of rehearsals and preparation expected to start it’s Production / Filming Phase in January 2016.


7. I am still wondering what’s happening on the side of the long waited Ugandan movies “Sipi ” by Jayant Maru and “New Intentions ” by Spell Kihi-Ray Kenne-d that were expected to Premiere this year but we haven’t gotten any updates of whether we should expect them next year 2016…

If there are other updates that you haven’t seen here, it simply means that I am green about them, you can add up more by commenting on this post, thank you! Please Share with others!

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Currently, the recently premiered dubbed “Ugandan blockbuster movie” is on for a country tour where its meant to be screened in various regions of Uganda, a distribution channel that’s been implemented for this movie to reach the Ugandan audience further than any movie has ever done, this is being organized by the movie’s Producers and Director Zziwa Aaron Alone and Natuhwera Brighton and recently the screening schedule was released showing that the screenings are to start officially from this Friday 13th November 2015 at Cinemax Video Hall in Mutungo, Kampala starting at 7:00 PM with 1,000/= (UGX) entrance fee , the next screening is scheduled to be on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at Club Amnesia starting at 9:00 PM with 5,000/= (UGX) entrance fee, followed by Friday 20th November 2015 at Club Ambiance, Kampala from 8:00 PM with 20,000/= and 10,000/= (UGX) Entrance fee, and next month on Friday 4th December 2015 at Zebra Hotel in Masaka will be a corporate invites only screening starting at 7:00 PM, they communicated saying that they are looking forward to also screen in Mbarara, Lyantonde, Fort Portal, Jinja and Mbale on dates which they are to announce pretty soon.

Kato Saddam (Shirtless) taking on a scene in "WAKO" Movie... Picture shot by Zziwa Aaron Alone

Kato Saddam (Shirtless), Robert Ernest Bbumba (With Gun) taking on a scene in “WAKO” Movie. Picture shot by Zziwa Aaron Alone

If you didn’t know much about this movie, here is a wider hint, it Premiered on Thursday 1st October 2015,at Theatre La’bonita where over 300 people witnessed the Official Premiere of the long waited Ugandan movie dubbed “Blockbuster of 2015” titled “WAKO”, a Ugandan Gangster Film educating crowds about Cervical Cancer and Lung Cancer somehow according to what was portrayed in this motion Picture.

The WAKO movie just to prove and defend itself being dubbed a 2015 Ugandan Blockbuster movie, it won an accolade/award for the Best Feature Film of the year 2015 in the Arusha International Film Festival in Tanzania which happened a few weeks before its premiere where it got its first unofficial screening to the Tanzanians during the festival who embraced it and believed it deserved the award “as I think”

“WAKO” The movie follows a story of a male thug/thief (whatever you can call him) called “WAKO” (Geoffrey Echakara aka Joeh Joe) who is released from prison, with only his theft skills to start a new life, on reaching home he gets to find his sister “Sera” (Natuhwera Brighton) diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, she needs 15 million Ugandan Shillings to be treated, WAKO looking at their poor family realizes that he is the only Savior of her life, he embarks himself on a journey of committing a “few” more crimes (you know what I mean) just to raise enough money to save his sister from danger. This movie shows the hustle he goes through with his best friend “Kujjo” (Zziwa Aaron Alone) in the chase for money through the gangster-ish lifestyle where they get to mess up with a ruthless villain “Muggy” (Robert Ernest Bbumba) and his small gang, the battle continues… #Caution “I saw many guns in this movie, I mean pistols! These gangsters, eh!” this movie features other actors and actresses like; Kato Saddam, Bbira Dissan, Luvanjuma Ivan, Mrush Ntume, Wilson Okwenje Egesa, Bwankia Bbaale Felix, Bukenya Godfrey, Nabatanzi Dianah, Rogers Masaba, Joshua Akuguzibwe, Kevin Mugisha, Naggawa Hellen, Lawrence Mugabe, Kizito Samuel ‘Saviour’, Ssebiranda Edison and many more

WAKO is a coproduction movie by three companies; Zaron Motion Pictures (Zziwa Aaron Alone), Brina Motion Pictures (Natuhwera Brighton) and Punchside Filmz (Wamasebu Eric), where Zaron Motion Pictures packaged the story, wrote/scripted and directed alongside Brina Motion Pictures dealing with the production bit of it, Punchside Filmz led the Directing of the Photography/Cinematography and the editing of the film alongside other partnering parties like Gary Mugisha of Kampala Film School, George Stanley Nsamba of The Ghetto Film Project among others. The movie began its shooting/production phase in early/mid 2014 and officially ended in early – mid 2015, it was shot in the slums and urban slums of Kampala thus portraying the Ghetto life in Kampala in general. Previously, by late 2014 it was expected to be premiered in March 2015 but due to the fact that there were some missing scenes to make the story flow, they had to push it forward so they could shoot the last scenes thus premiering 1st October, you can check out its first official trailer on youtube via

Feel free to google the names of the people mentioned in this article to see and know more about them!

On Monday, Ivan Mayombwe the Producer of the award winning Ugandan Movie titled “Outed The Painful Reality” set off to the United States of America (U.S.A) to attend and represent the Staff, Cast and Crew of this Movie at the Baltmore International Black Film Festival which is to began on Wednesday 7th October 2015 at Historic Charles’ Theatre where this movie “Outed” is to have its Screening dubbed the Mid-Atlantic Premiere on Friday 9th October 2015 during this Festival’s Screenings.

Producer Ivan Mayombwe (Left) with Colleagues in USA

Producer Ivan Mayombwe (Left) with Colleagues in USA

Producer Ivan Mayombwe (Left) with Colleagues in USA

Producer Ivan Mayombwe (Left) with Colleagues in USA

“Outed The Painful Reality” had its Official World Premiere during the summer period in July at the qFlix Film Festival in Philadelphia where it won the Barbara Gittings International Human Rights Award that was officially received by its Director Kamoga Hassan (Miracle)

Director Kamoga Hassan picking his Barbara Gittings International Human Rights Award

Director Kamoga Hassan picking his Barbara Gittings International Human Rights Award

Director Kamoga Hassan introducing his film at the qFlix

Director Kamoga Hassan introducing his film at the qFlix

Director Kamoga Hassan holding his Barbara Gittings International Human Rights Award

Director Kamoga Hassan holding his Barbara Gittings International Human Rights Award

This movie first had its unofficial Kampala Premiere on 13th of February where it got a fair attendance including members from the Ugandan LGBTI Community among others. Dubbed as a movie based on a true story, from Matovu Isaac, its screenplay writer, this movie follows the life of Vida, a gay man employee of one of the leading advertising firms in the city who faces one of the hardest moments of his lifetime when his name and photo appear in a newspaper tabloid among other gays and lesbians with the paper calling for hanging these LGBTI People, On reading the newspaper, his boss immediately drafts a job termination letter thus firing him from the firm, while at home he starts receiving calls from unidentified telephone numbers who are later revealed as detectives who lure him into a trap and lead him to a detention center, torture forcing him to reveal the whereabouts of his colleagues and how they carry out the practice of promoting homosexuality in the country, with no information got from him, he is later set free thus  Vida starts moving from place to place for safety and its where he finally meets the end of he  is killed by a mob hit with bricks and heavy stones till he died, the movie is based on a true story and Vida’s body was later discovered by police in a trench in Nabingo.

The Official Movie Poster

The Official Movie Poster

This Movie will also screen at the 5th Annual Gary International Black Film Festival that has a total of 39 films this year with only one African Film “Outed”, this festival is to happen in Indiana, USA from 9th to 11th October 2015 but the movie “Outed The Painful Reality” will be screened on Saturday 10th October 2015.

Furthermore this movie will screen in the Eye Catcher International Film Festival in Texas which will be happening from 12th to 15th November 2015. This Festival happens in 6 cities including; Dallas in Texas, Memphis, Kansas, Shreveport in Los Angeles, Little Rock in Arizona and St. Louis in Montana

The Movie is to also have a Germany Premiere later in November During the African Film Week at the University of Bayreuth and during the “Afrikanische Filmtage” at the University of Saarbruecken all in Germany. While in Germany the movie’s Director “Hassan Kamoga” will have a meet and discuss session about homosexuality in Uganda and in Africa in General where he will be meeting PhD students at these Universities to share more of his experience regarding the topics in relation to this movie.

You can check out this movie’s trailer on youtube via this link

Director Kamoga Hassan in Philadelphia

Director Kamoga Hassan in Philadelphia

Kizito Samuel Saviour at your service! (Yeah rebranded hehe)

Uhm I actually don’t feel cool to say I am sorry for the really big delay without updating you here, basically I got to realize that I had been apologizing so much even for the old delays, so this time round I chose to just post without saying nothing because I believe deep inside you all readers can feel my apologies, nevertheless am here again in full blast, we are to read a lot more than watching because for most articles I will be updating via my WordPress windows phone app but will try my best to get you pictures when I can. In this Article I chose not to add pictures (Sorry), but they will be available in the CineBuzz Uganda Section of this blog and its Facebook page All clear?!

Aha so here we are, recently, that’s Thursday 1st October 2015, over 300 people witnessed the Official Premiere of the long waited Ugandan movie dubbed “Blockbuster of 2015” titled “WAKO”, a Ugandan Gangster Film educating crowds about Cervical Cancer and Lung Cancer somehow according to what was portrayed in this motion Picture.

The WAKO movie just to prove and defend itself being dubbed a 2015 Ugandan Blockbuster movie, it won an accolade/award for the Best Feature Film of the year 2015 in the Arusha International Film Festival in Tanzania which happened a few weeks before its premiere where it got its first unofficial screening to the Tanzanians during the festival who embraced it and believed it deserved the award “as I think”

“WAKO” The movie follows a story of a male thug/thief (whatever you can call him) called “WAKO” (Geoffrey Echakara aka Joeh Joe) who is released from prison, with only his theft skills to start a new life, on reaching home he gets to find his sister “Sera” (Natuhwera Brighton) diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, she needs 15 million Ugandan Shillings to be treated, WAKO looking at their poor family realizes that he is the only Savior of her life, he embarks himself on a journey of committing a “few” more crimes (you know what I mean) just to raise enough money to save his sister from danger. This movie shows the hustle he goes through with his best friend “Kujjo” (Zziwa Aaron Alone) in the chase for money through the gangster-ish lifestyle where they get to mess up with a ruthless villain “Muggy” (Robert Ernest Bbumba) and his small gang, the battle continues… #Caution “I saw many guns in this movie, I mean pistols! These gangsters, eh!” this movie features other actors and actresses like; Kato Saddam, Bbira Dissan, Luvanjuma Ivan, Mrush Ntume, Wilson Okwenje Egesa, Bwankia Bbaale Felix, Bukenya Godfrey, Nabatanzi Dianah, Rogers Masaba, Joshua Akuguzibwe, Kevin Mugisha, Naggawa Hellen, Lawrence Mugabe, Kizito Samuel ‘Saviour’, Ssebiranda Edison and many more

WAKO is a coproduction movie by three companies; Zaron Motion Pictures (Zziwa Aaron Alone), Brina Motion Pictures (Natuhwera Brighton) and Punchside Filmz (Wamasebu Eric), where Zaron Motion Pictures packaged the story, wrote/scripted and directed alongside Brina Motion Pictures dealing with the production bit of it, Punchside Filmz led the Directing of the Photography/Cinematography and the editing of the film alongside other partnering parties like Gary Mugisha of Kampala Film School, George Stanley Nsaba of The Ghetto Film Project among others. The movie began its shooting/production phase in early/mid 2014 and officially ended in early – mid 2015, it was shot in the slums and urban slums of Kampala thus portraying the Ghetto life in Kampala in general. Previously, by late 2014 it was expected to be premiered in March 2015 but due to the fact that there were some missing scenes to make the story flow, they had to push it forward so they could shoot the last scenes thus premiering 1st October, anyway why am I talking so much, let’s go to the premiere!

Wako is one feature film in Uganda that has had a high level of late publicity invested I should say, with this, the WAKO team made it a point to hit all possible media houses to get hosted /aired to pass on the advertisement about this Grand Premiere and I should say they were successful in making it trend everywhere they could, from print, online and broadcast media despite the fact that late publicity is one hard trick of Good Luck and Bad Luck, so yeah they announced the premiere, and before I go any further, let me first say thanks to, First; The Writer, Director and Co-producer of the “WAKO” Movie Zziwa Aaron Alone for the fairly good work he portrayed in this motion picture that’s said to be better than his recently award winning motion picture as a Film Director titled “The Superstition” that scooped big awards including the Best Feature Film of the year 2014 of the Arusha International Film Festival in Tanzania (You can say, he won last year, and did it again this year) and Best Narrative Feature Film award in the Silicon Valley International Film Festival, USA among others. Aaron is literally being dubbed as a Film Director for Action and Fast Paced Movies, from the chats I usually have with him, he says “Slow films bore me, I can’t really keep up with such a slow moving pace of a motion picture, my style is chap! Chap!” with him saying that, I don’t know if we should always expect fast paced action films from him or he will eventually change track and hit us with a surprise or something. Secondly, I say thumbs up to Natuhwera Brighton dubbed “Uganda’s Youngest Female Producer”, this young lady is a real fighter, I should say she is a knight, I have been watching her for a while and the way she has really fought with this movie project, it being her first ever production as a Film Producer has been a challenging journey but since she is a powerful woman she never gave up but kept on pushing forward despite the fact that the whole process took almost two years. She has been the one majorly on the Producer’s chair making sure this movie project runs smoothly right from the scripting to the Premiere.

So the Premiere, well the Official Red Carpet Premiere of the long waited award winning movie “WAKO” was scheduled for Thursday 1st October 2015 at Theatre La’Bonita from 6:00 PM til fade and with this, by the announced starting time, various individuals, representatives from over 10 media houses and Uganda Film Industry stakeholders including actors and actresses had already stormed up the theatre all dressed in what they felt was the best optional outfit for this occasion and just as usual, photo-shoots couldn’t be skipped, I was watching so many fashioned personnel though I was just surprised when I saw one of my favorite actors in Uganda “Robert Ernest Bbumba” whom many were regarding to as an actor who hadn’t been changing his hairstyle in movies since “The Superstition” saying he seems to be having the same looks in the movies being released last and this year (Save for the TV Series like “Fenced” by Punchside Filmz that’s still in production, “It Can’t Be” that airs on WBS TV Uganda every Friday 8:00 PM E.A.T and many more where he changed his hairstyle), this time round at the WAKO movie Official Red Carpet Premiere he totally changed his hairstyle to a fact that he made it way shorter and on asking why he changed, all he said was “I am tired of people casting me for only BAD GUY roles, let them change to another touch” , well this surprise hairstyle change really caught my attention I should say. But anyway more Filmmakers were present including Allie Mutaka Byansi, the president of Film Club Uganda, Jayant Maru who is still having two projects awaiting release/premieres, that’s; “K3nt and Kat3” that’s said to have screened in the recent Uganda Film Festival 2015 edition, “SIPI” an athletes’ feature film that’s currently in its Post Production Phase, Kihire Kennedy another filmmaker (one of my favorite Ugandan Film Directors) whose movie “New Intentions” am awaiting to watch though he hasn’t announced the Premiere Dates, more so I bumped into another filmmaker (who recently joined the list of my best Ugandan Film Directors) Richard Mulindwa of Limit Productions, the makers of movies like “Cindy” , “Hanged for Love”, and what I call one of the best TV Series I have watched so far in Uganda titled “It Can’t Be” (I remember talking about it at the top), more so Mr. Richard is the mentor and trainer of one of this year’s Ugandan Best Actresses for the Uganda Film Festival 2015 edition “Nisha Kalema” (One of my favorite actresses in Uganda), eh I also spotted the other best actress “Faridah Kuteesa aka Farshee Ali” as the photo-shoots went on, not forgetting I spotted another filmmaker whose names keeps juggling me up though I call him Moses Ray, the maker of “The Councilor” and currently having an ongoing movie project titled “Dream America” which he is taking on with Indian Filmmaker Paresh Gondaliya, its auditions for casting are happening on Saturday 10th October 2015 at National Theatre (Green Room) from 8:00 am to 5:00pm, lastly ofcourse my Director Ssekandi Jimmy Jaban of JimKandi Studios was present, he is to direct the Feature film am producing this and next year titled “Abagoba Ebirooto – The Dream Chasers” who process started way back in June 2014 and currently at casting and rehearsing stage, I also got to meet a filmmaker nicknamed T West Ttabu of Diamond Telepictures (he happens to be one of my favorite Ugandan screenplay writers) and he is currently having a film yet to release titled “Girl Child in Dilemma” scheduled for a Theatre Release at Royal Theatre on Saturday 21st November 2015 where this movie will be screened to the audiences from 6:00 PM, tickets will be going for; 20,000/= VIP, 7,000/= ORDINARY, and 3000/= CHILDREN, all in Ugandan shillings but other currencies will be accepted incase equivalent. So aha anything unmentioned? Then that’s what I didn’t see. Let’s go watch the movie now!

By 7:00 PM, that theatre electronic bell was rang requesting people to enter the auditorium for the event to officially kick-start, unfortunately I was still outside and I missed the performances at the start which am told were performances from musicians; Pages, yeah that guy, and Kenneth Mugabi a soundtrack music composer among others, by the time it clicked 8:30 PM, the official screening of the movie began. Aha, the critics review, yeah, let’s roll…

Well this movie’s intro could be beautiful but ofcourse it could bore me a little if I was watching the movie back home on my laptop, as in we are having these photos mixed up with some motion and still graphics that simply make you wait anxiously for when the action is to start and feel like pressing the forward button but nevertheless it was compensated with the background soundtrack that had the feel of what we were waiting to watch and on the other hand good for cinema in that those seconds or minutes get the audience set up to start focusing on screen before any action kick-starts. So I am partially okay with it and partially not okay with it. Okay this street service provider “Sera” (Natuhwera Brighton) is visibly standing on a location as though she is the only one in the area, anyway I expected to see some more colleagues of hers just to make me believe that she has been in the game for some time, and the sex scene haa save for the noise from the audience, how I wish it was longer, but anyway we saw what happened so am cool, I wouldn’t want this movie to have such stuff as much, uhm well my first general problem here is the fact that, yes we get to see “Sera” in the beginning when she is fine then later she is so down admitted in the hospital, I wish we could see the stages one undergoes, probably symptoms of cervical cancer visually but anyway they tried to compensate for it when the Doctor/Nurse (Hellen Nagawa) explained to the sick admitted “Sera” about it verbally, I should say the writer “Zziwa Aaron Alone” did his research in a way that his education in this movie was fairly on point and used the medical personnel as well as the living actors in the story communicate to us directly but indirectly, yeah you read it right! The other thing about this movie is that, for every after 10 or 20 minutes we had some action going on that made this movie feel fast paced, some things were predictable but most of them were actually awesome in the way they turned out, uhm when we come to the sound, I should say they did a fairly good job, though it lacked the depth of emotions in the film making some of us wish we could feel the pain of some of the actors in the story, the locations they had for this film were really Ghetto as well as the costuming. It being a Ghetto Gangster action kind of film, its cinematography wasn’t so professionally executed rather free styled in a way that brought out the actual ghetto feel of the story, in my opinion, if the Director of Photography “Wamasebu Eric” of Punchside Filmz invested any professional basic way of filming to this movie it would kill the ganster-ish feel so he did a good choice to free style it, he left the idea of making it perfect and made most of it imperfect which made it cinematic in a way that, I looked at this film and I was like okay now what should I complain about besides the scripting bit where the dialogue of some actors weren’t as strong to create that very believable feel of their characters, I love the fact that this movie was made in a mixture of English, Luganda (A local language in Uganda) and some little bit of Kiswahili which made it feel as natural as ghetto life could be in this era but well the English seemed too much to match the ghetto though the lead actor WAKO’s way of playing around with English was natural to me. The other problem I had was that, these guys are gangsters but even at going to their hideouts we never saw any one smoking weed, cigarettes or ganja as we may call it, that looks like a real mistake to me because it’s very rare to find gangsters in Ugandan Ghettos or Slums who don’t take a puff or two while they do their usual work, maybe these were good gangsters anyway but incase it was forgotten, who knows?! And before I forget, this movie really had many guns, these are real gangsters who never think twice before shooting anyone, they shoot bullets anytime, anywhere regardless of the environment, the director “Zziwa Aaron Alone” told me that according to the research he made, he got to figure out that there are some gangs in slums who live such a life style in a way that even the police fears to reach their premises and they posses such guns, ofcourse pistols! The other fact is, the writer really knew how best to play around with the twists in this film, it’s a film that has twists in twists with twists, yeah its really true, he did his best in exposing various villains in this story and I credit him for making me like a thug “WAKO” (Geoffrey Echakara) who gave reasons why he robs and made me feel like saying “Go ahead thief!”, and for the main villain “Muggy” (Robert Ernest Bbumba) I loved the way he was crafted in a way that he was a coward who scares and kills people, you will never see him fight since he lives on his tagline of “They got the punches, we got the guns!”, the way he was holding the gun made me wonder if he really uses guns in real life, it looked real to me but to be honest I expected much depth of this character, so it was fairly good but it needed to be better than that, I couldn’t feel that much rage and badass personality he was trying to portray but he did his best for the role which am partially fine with, but on the other hand, I wasn’t happy for the fact that we didn’t get to see much of the other villain “Cypher” (Otrix, the “Oli Mbuzi” musician), the pace at which this movie was running made it hard to realize it was actually 91 minutes long, now the ever ever annoying bit about having movie premieres at Theatre La’bonita is that these people don’t know the culture of film screenings in a way that they never let people watch credits once the film has ended, this happened to the “Bala Bala Sese” Movie premiere, and again they did it this time to the “WAKO” Premiere, so disappointing I should say. All in all, to my review, “WAKO” is a great film and it deserved the “Best Feature Film” Award it got at the Arusha International Film Festival 2015 edition in Tanzania.

At the end of the film, just as the usual culture, the staff, cast and crew was called upon the stage from where they introduced themselves to the audience as well as giving remarks where need be as well as the Guest of Honor “Freeman” a filmmaker from Nigeria who appreciated the team for the work walking away with a copy of this movie buying it at 2 million Ugandan Shillings. This was followed by a speech from Ugandan Legend Actor Sam Bagenda of The Ebonies who complimented the work. Unfortunately, the lead actor of “WAKO (Geoffrey Echakara) was not present at this premiere, he is currently in Qatar handling some businesses and it’s from there that he was helping out in the mobilization of this premiere, he attended in spirit and virtually via whatsapp where he communicated saying he is to be coming back to Uganda next year for more movie projects.

Geoffrey Echakara aka Joeh Joe is a Ugandan Actor who came up all the way from Ramon Film Productions aka Wakaliwood in Wakaliga from where Zziwa Aaron Alone figured out his potential thus casting him for this motion picture, many say that Geoffrey is the Djimon Haunsu (Hope I spelt it right) of Uganda since they somehow look alike! Basically that was the Premiere of the award winning movie “WAKO”, people seemed to have enjoyed this premiere to a fact that they kept on laughing, making noise and clapping hands as it was going on, and later when it ended, they stayed up at the theatre til the time the security personnel closed the place. Afterwards the entire cast and crew plus their fans slopped down to Club Amnesia where the After Party was organized by Galaxy FM specifically for this premiere… A lot of fun was experienced!

So now just like other films have been, we brainstorm, script stories, cast them, rehearse them, shoot, edit, master and premiere them, but usually after the Premiere, we all have one question, WHAT NEXT? Yeah like seriously you movie premieres then what next in plan? Most people usually give us the obvious excuse of “Film Festivals”, but still after Festivals, WHAT NEXT? See the harsh reality of filmmaking is that we are always making these movies for audiences, I mean people, people to watch our films and probably pay in something that could earn us some money to live and probably do other better movies, but the question is, DO WE HAVE the people to watch our films? You can say YES WE DO, but are they WILLING? And if they are, then how do we get them? Listen to this and this is wisdom my fellow Ugandan filmmakers, if you are ever making a movie with the intention of making money off it, make sure you prepare your product/film for the people you are targeting, all am saying is, understand your motives and reassess your aims, because if you want me to love or buy your product (film) them make me want it, by this am saying, learn to create a demand for your movie, the moment you get that work out, you will not have to hustle to make money off your films… without demand for a product, the sales can hardly shoot higher which makes profits harder and losses easier, I don’t know if am making myself clear but here’s to the creed to save the grace, if you are to make money off any product, creating demand for it is key, I know you are all being curious and feel like asking me how you can create demand for your film, I may not tell you right now because that’s the homework am leaving you to deal with….

Well hope it won’t hurt if I advertise a bit here, please follow my in progress movie project titled “Abagoba Ebirooto – The Dream Chasers” a JimKandi Studios Limited Production, the project is currently in Preproduction phase and it welcomes all serious willing co-producers and partners who would love to get engaged with me on working on it to make it a greater success than anticipated, but only welcoming serious committed ones, this is a commercial film project! No jokes! No nothing! This is business!

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And more channels to come forth. Thanks!

Let me take this opportunity to re-introduce myself, I am Kizito Samuel ‘Saviour’, a Film Producer at Unbound Media and JimKandi Studios (of course am not locked up, means am somewhat independent), Concept Creator/ Developer, Script/Screenplay writer and editor (film scripts, articles, novels etc), Screen Actor, Blogger, Critic, Marketer, Online Advertiser (you can call me a Publicist), Sound recordist/Boom swinger (at some projects but am not a professional sound recordist, still learning), Photographer, I also do Film paperwork and many more… you can call me an Artist and a business man! I am also your best friend; yeah I mean you who is reading this, I always love sharing what I know and to learn from others, so feel free, talk to me and let’s share words!

Google “Kizito Samuel Saviour” to get more of my online channels, follow me and lets connect!

cALL 112

When you have “Zero” Hours to save your life? What do you do? Now here comes the solution which is yet to be availed. Am talking about nothing other than a production of our own (Ugandan) set to blow minds away, guess what it is….?! One of the New hard-hitting Ugandan Movies not to miss out this year. Recently the official Ugandan Movies Premiere calendar was officially announced starting with;

A movie/production from Zenken Films titled CALL 112 set to have its CALL 112 MOVIE PREMIER on Tuesday 4th August 2015 at the Uganda National Cultural Centre / National Theatre from 6:00 PM Tickets go for 10,000/= (10K UGX)

CALL 112 Movie stars

Mutebi Farooq
Fausta Nanziri
Jakira Suudi
Mageye Hassan aka Mag San
William Ndawula
Hassin Lubowa
Dianah Nabatanzi
John Oris Ssebowa aka Orim Ssebowa
And many more

It’s a Zenken Films Production written, Directed and Produced by Joseph S Ken , with Mrs. Susan Muwonge, Jan Van Der Zanden and Frederick Matovu as the Executive, Associated and Line Producers respectively. Its casting was done by Chris Nsubuga, Paul Ssemwogerere worked as the Assistant Director. Betty Nabatesa worked as the Production Manager together with Francis Lubanjuma who worked as the Production Designer. Mike Kanonya worked on its Sound Design together with Nsamba G Seguya who did the Location Sound. Joseph S Ken was the Director of Photography alongside Kato Matovu who was the Camera Operator and Andrew Lubega the set dresser. Wilfred Okuba worked as the Storyboard artist.

Paul is asked by their Mother to help Anna his young sister get home after losing her money at school, on their way home seated in a wired taxi, they ended up getting kidnapped by fake taxi men who only deal in trafficking human organs, in a mystery of how and what can save them from dying, Paul has got to well use the phone he discovered in one of the corpse inside the surgeon room as he contacts the Uganda Police Force for help.

Mark the dates… its Tuesday 4th August 2015 at the Uganda National Cultural Centre, also Known as The Uganda National Theatre, found along Dewinton Road, Opposite the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, behind UBC TV Station. ENTRANCE TICKETS go for 10,000/= UGX , all happening in the National Theatre Main Auditorium. It’s the CALL 112 Movie Premiere… Come one Come all, don’t wish you attended!

Check out its trailer

So you heard it! You read it! You saw it! Attend it! SHARE IT! Invite Friends! Enjoy it! Support the Uganda Film Industry! Love Uganda! Watch Ugandan Movies! Peace!!!


SAMUEL SAVIOUR at your service!

Well, yeah, so should I start by apologizing or something? Anyway as you see (in-case you noticed) I have given the blog a new classic, cool and organized look, I should say it looks cinematic on my side, I don’t know what it looks like to you but I believe it’s good enough. Uhm this new look or theme was inspired by a fellow filmmaker friend “Paul Okurut” AKA “Young Nego” of Afro Bros Pictures (former Afro-Haven Filmz), so thanks to him, Young Nego is an award winning filmmaker who has written, produced, shot, edited and directed a couple of films like “NAKKU” a short film about the effect of HIV/AIDs to children as a result of becoming street kids, this film was selected in the Manya Human Rights Film Festival 2014, he produced another movie titled  “Broken Silence” a feature film about the agony of a girl child which won the best screenplay award in the Pearl International Film Festival 2014, and lastly he directed “Catch the wave” a short film about the benefits of Family Planning which was produced by Iga Yosam, He had also done several adverts/commercials among other businesses, Together with me he is planning to do a couple of short films this year starting with a science fiction short-film titled “The Shot” being scheduled to be shot this month and premiered next month , on top of that he is having a controversial political feature film project in progress (still in preproduction phase) planned to be out next year. yap so that’s some brief info about him.

Uhm I had to be updating you with lots of things of late and many have been getting mad at me for not been giving updates via this blog for a couple of weeks, it’s not that I had abandoned it, it’s basically coz I had gone into an abrupt break but I should say am back to roll with you in full swing so I pray I keep up the spirit. I have lots of updates and info coming in about currently being made in Uganda, coming soon film premieres and screenings, updates but I am dedicating this article to give a little overview about the new changes and how this blog-site is to run, so let’s roll…

I don’t need to explain about what will be at the “Home” tab but next to it is the “Reviews” tab and here is where I will be reviewing various Ugandan movies, this will of-course include the critic reviews among others, let’s say I will go deep in that selected Ugandan movie to get you all its info inside out (you know what I mean). In the early days I have always been trying to make movie reviews about some movies whose screenings and premieres I happen to attend but this time round I won’t wait for screenings but will go forward and seek for those movies then after I will be publishing their reviews for you to read. To those filmmakers who would like me to review their movies, I’m more willing to do so, just get in touch with me, submit your film and I will give justice to your movie like how I have always done to the previous ones (in-case you read them).

The Movie Library is aimed at portraying or showcasing the applicable and available Ugandan movies, this section is to consist of brief details about various movies (The cast, crew, stuff and movie info) and an extra offer of its trailer (incase its of an unloadable size or if not, I will provide an online streaming link like “youtube” , “Vimeo” and  “Cineteo” among others) plus where that specific movie can be found. NOTE: I won’t be selling any of the movies in the Movie Library but I am more willing to provide contacts and addresses of the right people to get those movies from. Keep it in mind that some of the movies might include those that ain’t already on market plus those premiering soon. To the filmmakers I request and advise you to submit in your movie details and trailers to me as soon as possible to get them on this blog, and for more info about anything regarding this blog or anything  you can email me at , call me on +256 701 551 663 , you can also find me on Facebook via , I don’t think you need to follow me on twitter but in-case you wish find me on . Welcome to the New World of the Uganda Film Industry, I’m more than willing to receive and upload your film related details.

Hoho and here comes the creed to prove the grace, the “CineBuzz Uganda” tab, this is a new platform that’s developed and founded by Young Nego, Musinguzi Godfrey  (A Ugandan Filmmaker/Actor) and Kizito Samuel ‘Saviour’ (me of course), this tab/platform is a one stop center for all the applicable gossip running around the Uganda Film Industry, this platform is being introduced to show/expose beyond filmmaking , this is to show you what happens in the world of filmmakers that most of you tend to wonder about, let’s say this is the ultimate solution to all your curiosity about the world of Film-making in Uganda, this will consist of written articles, audio-visual recorded video clips and breaking news all in the Uganda Film Industry. The written articles will obviously dwell here (in the “CineBuzz Uganda “ tab) whereas the Audio-Visual recorded video clips will be uploaded to a youtube channel @CineBuzz Uganda  , The official Facebook page for this platform “CineBuzz Uganda” and you can as well follow it on twitter @CineBuzzUganda ( , you gotta watch the space for this one.

The “Biographies” tab is to consist of various applicable biographies of different people involved in the Uganda Film Industry where you will get to know more about your filmmakers’ world and life, this will give you his or her detailed info from birth to the current status. So far I have a few biographies of filmmakers (All people involved in the Uganda Film Industry), so to all of you filmmakers out there, this tab needs your biographies, so get in touch with me so we could get it all rolling, this is very beneficial and important for your future works as a filmmaker internationally and could be one step to building your online presence as you wait to acquire a Wikipedia page about you since many might take long to get them.

The “Auditions” tab will simply include Past and Post Audition information, so to all actors and actresses plus aspiring ones this is your section where Auditions information and news dwell. So I am to bring you about the fore coming auditions including all the necessary requirements you will need for that specific audition, am to also share audition tips for those with fear of attending them so you could get more courage and motivation not to fear when any audition comes up.  After every audition, I will give a review about it and more so follow the progress of the auditioned project so as to keep you posted from all angles.

The “Premieres” tab is to bring you the news and updates of upcoming premieres, screenings and reviews of the past current. I will be updating you about the movie premiere calendar of each month or year and always trying to remind you about any movie premieres of screenings to happen in that week, month or year. I will be attending various Film Premieres and Screenings from where I will make reviews of those specific events from its setting to the general film critic review.

Get in touch with me on Social Media

Get in touch with me on Social Media

SAMUEL SAVIOUR at your service!

Well, of recent, several articles have been published about the highly anticipated feature film titled “Bala Bala Sese” and I guess some of you have been waiting for my take about the movie, wondering about where it came from, and a lot more, anyway keep calm because I have got it all in here for you… as my usual culture, let’s turn back the hands of time…

Official Bala Bala Sese Poster

Official Bala Bala Sese Poster

Despite the fact that “Bala Bala Ssese” Movie has been highly anticipated in 2015, it’s older than how you could predict, its journey began about 3 (three) years ago in late 2012 when its Principal Photography began. It’s Production (Filming) phase being in late 2012 clearly and obviously tells its journey of preproduction began in early or mid2012. This film was directed and produced by Lukyamuzi Bashir alongside Usama Mukwaya who wrote its screenplay.

Lukyamuz i Bashir on Bala Bala Sese

Lukyamuz i Bashir on Bala Bala Sese

Lukyamuzi Bashir, the C.E.O of the known Badi Musik or Badi World (former Badi Films) a production company best known for producing music videos embarked on a journey of chasing his dream of being a filmmaker. After making and winning several music video awards, he realized he had a dream that wasn’t achieved and that was making a film. “Ever since I was a child, I loved watching TV and always wondered how people are put inside that box, but I said to myself that one day I will put people in there myself” He stated. Mr. Lukyamuzi Bashir adds by saying that, in his life, he has always had stories to tell but lacked the talent of writing, basically writing stories (which many of us know as script or screenplay writing), and had fear of how he could really produce a film with the little he knew about film production, but in this case he had to look for a good trusted script writer in order to start his dream of making a film, and this luck dawned upon Mr. Usama Mukwaya, a Ugandan filmmaker well known for producing short films. This is where the journey of making the Bala Bala Sese movie began.

Director ans Producer of Bala Bala Sese - Lukyamuzi Bashir

Director ans Producer of Bala Bala Sese – Lukyamuzi Bashir

“I based this story on someone I know, it’s actually my late sister who was staying in the village, she got infected by AIDs , and passed on in great pain, so when I looked at all the stories I had to tell in my mind, I realized it was better for that time, because I wanted world to know about that story and probably pick a leaf from it” Lukyamuzi Bashir said to the press. He pitched the whole story to Usama Mukwaya who liked it and agreed to work on it, the story and script development section began where they did endless corrections, misunderstandings came up but later solved until they had the script to their best effort as a team.

Writer and Producer of Bala Bala Sese- Usama Mukwaya

Writer and Producer of Bala Bala Sese- Usama Mukwaya

“I realized I had to write a script about AIDs, but people have seen and heard several movies about the same issue, so with writing Bala Bala Sese, I had to find a better silent angel on how to tackle the message in a different perspective, to make it more engaging for the audience, I realized that blending it with a natural African love story would do better” Usama Mukwaya explained.

With having this awesome story being worked on, other sections had to be handled, and that was getting the cast and crew people to get this story move to another step which was the production (filming) phase.

Lover birds, John and Maggie on Ssese Islands

Lover birds, John and Maggie on Ssese Islands

“Bala Bala Sese is based on an incredible story of John’s (boyfriend) battle for love through perseverance. John is madly in love with Maggie and both are willing to take their love forward. Facing abuses and harassments by malicious Maggie’s father. John being helped by his young brother Alex is determined to take in all but to retain the love of his life especially when he finds out that he has a contender village tycoon who is also lining up for Maggie”


The story and the local feel of Bala Bala Sese, obviously required a unique but natural village setting kind of life, and probably this led the team to opt for locations found in an area called “Ssese Islands” from where it makes its title and It being an authentic Ugandan Story called for the use of “Luganda Language” the mainly used language in the central region of Uganda. Bala Bala Sese could probably mean “The Road to Sese” in English.

This film features the locally considered as one of the hottest couples on the Uganda Showbiz Scene, that’s none other than Micheal Kasaija and Natasha Sinayobye who are lovers in real life. These are the original founders of the locally known Obsessions dance group. The two play the troubled lovers John and Maggie roles in the Bala Bala Sese movie.

“During the casting, at first, we wanted Hellen Lukoma to do the role of Maggie together with Micheal Kasaija but she couldn’t, so, I looked around and realized that Natasha Sinayobye could still suit the role, so we decided to give it to her instead” Lukyamuzi Bashir explained.

Natasha Sinayobye playing Maggie

Natasha Sinayobye playing Maggie

“Well it was quite thrilling, but interesting, because in this movie Me and Micheal got to do things we never did before, like that kidd-ish village kind of love, it was actually a great experience though challenging, I wasn’t so good with Luganda, and that girl Maggie, was totally different from the kind of person I am, but the director did his best to help me pull it off to its best” Natasha Sinayobye said to the press.

By late 2012, the cast and crew team were ready to head to the production phase of this movie, and the cast was filled with awesome actors and actresses like Raymond Rushabiro, Fiona Birungi, Ismael Ssesanga, Jabal Dungu, Allen Musumba, Ashraf Ssemwogerere and many more plus their what I called Amazing D.O.P Alex Ireeta together with the known makeup artist Shakirah Kibirige  among others. The cast and crew camped on Ssese Islands for several days, shooting the scenes day and night where applicable.


Alex Ireeta The D.O.P of Bala Bala Sese Movie

Alex Ireeta The D.O.P of Bala Bala Sese Movie

Lukyamuzi Bashir says that he (I usually like using “they” though) invested about 45 Ugandan Million Shillings in producing this movie.  Bala Bala Sese was shot in bits, where during the first bit, 15 Million Ugandan Shillings was invested, then more parts were shot in 2013, and the wrap was in 2014, yeah it was that serious!

Usama Mukwaya On set for Bala Bala Sese Movie shoot

Usama Mukwaya On set for Bala Bala Sese Movie shoot

I have been seeing various articles online, let me say across the media talking about the official soundtrack of this movie, yeah am talking about the amazing “Wuuyo” song by A Pass, but this is what Mr. Lukyamuzi Bashir had to say about the song…

“I have worked with A Pass ever since he started music, am not his manager but we have worked together for a long time, and with this movie being in the studio whilst its post-production phase, I realized he could probably be of help because I didn’t want to just use any music in the movie, so I asked him to make a love song based on the movie, I showed him a couple of scenes from the movie, from which he got the inspiration, and later he made the “Wuuyo” song, made its video and used some of the clips from the movie to be part of the music video which came out successfully”


The Sound track album for Bala Bala Sses was composed by Nessim Mukuza with the official theme song Wuuyo recorded by A Pass and Nessim again of Badi Musik. The song became the singer’s most successful single to date. The official video of the song premiered on march 20, 2015 at Club Guvnor and features clips of the movie.

In other words, Bala Bala Sese is a film Directed by Lukyamuzi Bashir and Written by Usama Mukwaya whose story is based on an incredible story being narrated by Ashraf Ssemwogerere about a boyfriend’s battle for love through perseverance. In the outskirts of Sese Island, John (Micheal Kasaija) is madly in love with Maggie (Natasha Sinayobye) and both are willing to take their love forward. Facing abuses and harassments by malicious Maggie’s father Kasirivu (Raymond Rushabiro), John, helped by his young brother Alex (Ssesanga Ismael) is determined to take in all but to retain the love of his life especially when he finds out that he has a contender village tycoon (Jabal Dungu) who is also lining up for Maggie.


1511751_816165971730658_1536558783_n 1621751_816165955063993_2032914142_n

I believe I have shown you the simple brief story about the Journey of making Bala Bala Sese movie, aha so now I think we should go to its premiere, because I think we need to review it here as well.

So from 2012 to 2015, Badi World alongside all its cast and crew people felt as more contented about what they had, in this case, they decided to have the long awaited movie presented to the audience, this called for organizing for its Premiere, the usual online and offline buzz for this movie began, having several articles written about it across various platforms. With the release of its trailer, which I happened to watch first time at the National Theatre of Uganda during the Film Club Uganda Screening sessions, I was practically blown away by the local natural setting in the film, it being a village kind of life movie that I didn’t expect made me not wish to miss its premiere, luckily enough I abruptly received an invitation card to attend the premiere, which made me feel good, yeah of course it feels good to know that you are recognized you know, well before I forget, a week before the premiere, a press screening was organized, where I was invited as well to be part of the press personnel among other few fellow filmmakers to watch this movie for the first time before its general premiere, and whatever I saw from it is what am going to give in the review, more so the interviews from the few cast and crew people which I have been narrating to you from the beginning, aha  so yeah the buzz kept going on until the premiere day which was on Friday 3rd July 2015 at the locally known Theatre Labonita. Let’s begin from the beginning then…


Despite the fact that the communications for this premiere was saying gates open at 6:00PM , the official screening happen at around 8:45PM, this was because more people were still coming in for the premiere and the theatre wasn’t yet full, so yeah they had to wait a bit. Me and my other fellow Filmmakers, these included Mr. Allie Mutaka Byansi, Grey Godwyns, George Stanley Nsamba Edius, My Director for the new coming movie am to produce titled “Abagoba Ebirooto-The Dream Chasers” Ssekandi Jimmy Jaban, Kasule Douglas Benda and more appeared at the location by 7:00PM yeah, we weren’t good at time that day, but a few minutes later the man himself Usama Mukwaya asked us to go in since the screening was about to start, and guess what?! The exterior of Theatre Labonita didn’t look like there was a movie premiere going on but when we got inside, that’s when we found lots of people, some of which were pausing for the photo-shoots against the Bala Bala Sese premiere backdrop, various press personnel interviewing the many filmmakers who showed up at the event, so in actuality it was a busy moment, but don’t get it twisted, I didn’t interview anyone but I should say I saw different filmmakers like Kihire Kennedy, who is yet to premiere his new masterpiece film titled “New Intentions” which was highly hyped in late 2014, Zziwa Aaron Alone who is also bringing us the rated as blockbuster movie of 2015 titled “WAKO” , Kasule Douglas Benda the maker of the amazing short film titled “In Reality” who is currently in process of producing two more short films titled “The Bag” and “The Addict” soon this year, Joseph S Ken, known as the C.E.O of Zenken Films who is also Soon premiering one of his new feature films titled “Call 112” on 4th August 2015 at National Theatre where the entrance will be 10000 Ugandan Shillings , and oh even Jayant Maru who is soon premiering his new feature film titled ‘SIPI” hmm yeah if you ain’t mentioned here it simply means I didn’t see you, tozimba mutima! , anyway let’s get to business now, yeah the movie review

So together with my friends, I majestically sit in this Theatre Labonita for the second time in my life, yeah you read it right, and oh before the review, I should say, the Bala Bala Sese movie premiere had an audience of about 80-90% , I don’t know how many were on invites like me and who were on the bought tickets, but just know it was almost full. Aha, now the next session am going to is the most critical, this is when I become a judge on my own blog, and this is what I saw…

Well the MCs came up, basically a lady and a guy, they did their best in cracking jokes and oh yeah a few musicians showed up and did what they could do to impress the audience before the film was officially screened, and oh this is when I saw some guy who was using a Black Magic Cinematic Camera to shoot this event, both video and photography wise, I wonder what he was shooting in such darkness, unless he wanted to brag along with such an awesome camera, anyway let’s get it on…

So they dropped the screen from which this movie was to be screened, well I don’t know if the first time I entered this place in 2014 I wasn’t focusing, but this time round, the screen I saw was practically small, smaller than the one I usually see at the National Theatre Film Club Screenings, but that’s not a big point, I don’t know what went wrong, but it was cool, at least this theatre has plasma screens placed up all over the auditorium where those who don’t feel the screen could still catch the movie from.

And the movie begins… Like I said, it’s a story being told by Ashraf Ssemwogerere , so, he is obviously the first character you see on screen as he introduces the story, he claims to be a story about his old friend Kasirivu hence the story “Bala Bala Sese”. I should be honest and say, the first minutes of this film seemed to be abit boring, but as we reached 10 minutes beyond the audience couldn’t help but laugh to the dialogue that was being delivered by the character “Kasirivu” and the way he pulled them off. Now, in all honesty, this is one film , that’s done locally basing on a village setting kind of life, I have seen several movies of this kind but with this one, the cast and crew team tried to do their best, I should say, Alex Ireeta exposed all his best in 2013 and 2014 to pull off this good cinematography that matched the feel of the movie, according to my opinion, the way the framing and the camera work of this movie was done, made me think and believe this team had shot lists and story boards made specifically for such good results, I would say its cinematography was on point basing on the kind of story they were telling, the film went on as we got to hear more music in the background, you can say the soundtrack album which consisted of Kenneth Mugabi’s “Kibuna Omu” track alongside others, and this is when I got to hear the acoustic lovely version of the “Kankungaanye” song by Radio and Weasle alongside Mun G but with this we only heard Radios voice taking on the scene. When it came to set designing and costumes, it was just wow, as in, everything seemed natural, nothing seemed forced like how I had always watched in the other village setting movies, so I bowed for greatness at this, I don’t know how old the story Hajj Ashraf Ssemwogerere was narrating was but if it was way too old, then maybe the color correction bit was missed that could blend in with the years’ feel, but anyway I spotted a number of stock footages that were used in this film which look to have been extracted to a few international documentaries I have watched whose titles I cant recall, but that wasn’t the problem, the problem was these stock footages’ color correction didn’t match the color of the film despite the fact they tried to get something related. And there were a few continuity issues I noticed, uhm if am to sum it all up, the errors in this film was caused during the post production process, by this I am talking about the editors and so on, but sound wise, it might not have been the best sound, but it was somehow bearable, as in not that hectic kind of film sound that you recently read about in the “Boda Boda thieves movie article”. And I don’t know whether the team on set realized, but one scene that’s towards the end of this film had a larger light reflector in it whose impact was fairly visible which kind of killed the originality of the scenes. In all honesty, the way this movie was done, I should say its super authentic, in a way that it takes us back home, to our villages, it portrays the true Ugandan kind of living that many of us tend to miss because we get stuck in enjoying the urban areas. I am not completely happy about this movie, not until the glitches I saw are put out, am talking about the stock footages and continuity errors, the stocks used in this movie has less impact In it, which makes me even wonder why they had to put them there, as in if you have done a film for over a year, then are you so lazy to go upcountry or any village like area around and take such clips to suit the movie other than risking your life by using something that any critic will notice… And my other problem was, with the subtitles, I understand that none of us is good at English but there are some avoidable errors, whoever made the subtitles for this film must have gotten sleepy in some parts where he wrote like he was rushing for something, and the other error was with the lip sinking in a couple of scenes which wasn’t so easy to notice unless with a critic eye, so Mr. Editor for this film should be careful next time, this being 2015 I suggest that all filmmakers should try to fight such laziness in their productions otherwise, I won’t shut up on talking about them. But all in all, in all the feature films I have watched from Uganda which are done in a village setting kind of life, this one is the winner, and I suggest other filmmakers to pick some leaves from this movie where need be. Unless otherwise, that’s my review.

For those who were wondering about which cameras shot this motion picture, they used a 5D Mark II, so to those who use 5D Mark III’z or Red Epic Cameras and fail to bring out such quality, I don’t know what goes wrong in your production.

And one last thing that annoyed me at this premiere, was the kind of way theatre labonita treated this premiere, as in first of all I was kinda shocked when I got to realized that in this theatre, they can’t screen your movie unless its burnt on  DVD disc, so in this case its hard to first play a couple of trailers before the movie screens because it will require swapping of disks, yeah its funny that its 2015 and this is how it operates, and one hurting thing is, if one burns his or her movie to a DVD, its quality depreciates , so in this case, the quality of Bala Bala Sese I watched at the press screening wasn’t the same I watched at this premiere, on top of that, their project or their screen again decreases the quality of the movie, so it actually made it look worse, save for the placed plasma screens that tried to bring out the DVD quality. To make matters worse, when the movie ended, I got to realize that Theatre Labonita is basically not for filmmakers or the people who were running that session didn’t know filmmaking, or how film screenings are handled, when the film ended and the time for credits started, all they did was to cut off the movie, like seriously they didn’t give us a chance to read the movie credits to know who did this and that on this film production, it was very embarrassing to be done by such a nationally recognized theatre, but anyway, miracles happen.

So the screening ended, and the MCs called the Director and Producer of this Movie Mr. Lukyamuzi Bashir who spoke for a few minutes and later called Mr. Usama Mukwaya who wrote the story alongside being part of the Producers, the cast and crew was then called upon the stage where each and every one introduced themselves and what they basically did in the film, no to forget the known sound engineer Adnan Senkumba worked as the Sound Designer for this Movie Project. Badi World is looking forward to doing more productions in the coming years so we should expect another movie from them probably next year.

So what else do you wanna read about Bala Bala Sese Movie?

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