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From winning a number of accolades and getting several nominations both locally and internationally for her amazing acting on screen, Faridah Kuteesa AKA Farshee upgraded to producer under her production company Roadtainment Pictures, where she produced a short film “5 seconds” in the year 2016, alongside running her production company she has been featuring in selected Ugandan films through 2016 and part of 2017.

In January 2017 she embarked on a journey of shooting yet another film “The Office” based on a story she got from an old lady from some village in Uganda. She spent one and a half years preparing this story from script to production phase.

“The Office” is based on a story of a first lady who misuses her office to satisfy her own desires regardless of what harm she does to the nationals.

“I shot it as a short film in order to source for funders or executive producers to finance the full feature version of it…” Farshee explains to the blog.

Rumor has it that this short film was expected to be out to public late this year but it was stopped and taken in for review to confirm whether its not hitting the government in any negative way, however we got a chance to get a few behind the scenes pictures of the film from the Producer herself as seen below:

Director Mageye Hassan standing next to Actress Nodryn Evanci to call another shot

Actor Edison Abitegeka after a scene

Make Up Artist Sserunya Kaddu Ernest preparing Actress Nodryn Evanci for a scene

The whole scene set at large

The film is directed by the multi-award winning director Mageye Hassan starring Nodryn Evanci, Edison Keith Abitegeka, Multi-Award Winning Actor Mutebi Farooq, Edris Loubega, Pretty Katende, Doreen Rovince, Faridah Nabagereka, Williams Ndawula, Lubanjuma Francis and Faridah Kuteesa Farshee who also wrote and produced it. Special Effects Make Up was done by Sserunya Kaddu Ernest, Field Sound by Imran Musabbeh and Lighting by Lubanjuma Francis, shot by Bobic Sserunjogi

Its reported that after the making of this film, Faridah Kuteesa Farshee has been put on hold from making or featuring in any other productions until ‘The Office” is approved safe for release in the country.

We are looking out for more details regarding Faridah Kuteesa Farshee in relation to this film.